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The Valley of Fire derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs, 150 million years ago.

Complex uplifting and faulting of the region, followed by extensive erosion, have created the present landscape.

Other important rock formations include limestones, shales, and conglomerates.

Prehistoric users of the Valley of Fire included the Basket Maker people and later the Anasazi Pueblo farmers from the nearby fertile Moapa Valley.

The span of approximate occupation has been dated from 300 B.C.E. to 1150 C.E.

Their visits probably involved hunting, food gathering, and religious ceremonies, although scarcity of water would have limited the length of their stay.

Fine examples of rock art left by these ancient peoples can be found at several sites within the park.

One of the most popular locations for outdoor weddings, we were issued the first permit to perform weddings at the Valley of Fire from the State of Nevada.

As one of the oldest companies offering Valley of Fire award winning weddings, they are the most complete and lowest price weddings at the Valley of Fire Available seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Your Valley of Fire wedding package includes:

$750  Includes Valley of Fire Photo Tour

  • Luxury Cadillac Escalade Transportation to the venue, please review our transportation page for conditions, gratuity not included
  • Additional transportation available for larger groups
  • Floral arrangements may be ordered (fees dependent upon type), you may also bring your own flowers
  • Minister fee included, gratuity not included
  • Professional photographer, gratuity not included
  • 100 to 150 +/- photos of your ceremony and photos after your wedding with family and friends included
  • You will receive your photos by one of the following, flash-drive, DVD, delivery to your hotel, email link
  • Guests may take photos and videos of your wedding at no additional cost
  • Copyright release is included
  • Wedding license not included
  • No additional charge for your wedding on weekends or sunset
  • Certain blackout dates may apply
  • Venue fee is included
  • Staff Gratuities not included


Call for times, (limited),


4.5 – 5 Hours Approximate



4.5 – 5 Hours Approximately

Special Price:  $750  Includes Valley of Fire Photo Tour

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Terms and Conditions:

Wedding times may vary depending on weather and availability. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please read our full policies & safety page. All deposits are non-refundable.